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About Us

Dr. Douglas Mackaman founded Globalizedu in 2002. Since our inception, Globalizedu has been a powerful choice for universities looking to update or expand their international education programs. Our team has worked with top universities around the world, providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support to create customized study-abroad programs that meet their unique needs. We are passionate about providing students with life-changing experiences that broaden their knowledge and globalize their perspective. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your university refresh, rebuild or create the bold global programs your students and faculty deserve.

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"Doug Mackaman and his team built a juggernaut semester program for Honors freshmen at Southern Miss back in 2002. Ever since, USM has been on the map as a school that backs freshmen study-abroad programs in a study-center model. Before Doug's initiative, USM had done summer programs and exchanges. But those weren't appealing to our Honors students. They were wanting an immersive way to truly "live"  abroad. My honors students adored the signature program Doug's group pioneered. They filled it each semester.

Dr. Maureen Ryan

Dean Emeritus, Honors College

University of Southern Mississippi

"When I started at UWF, there was no global programming available for Psych majors. By the time I left for UNC, The Catalyst was the biggest Psychology study-abroad program in the country. It's been a perfect fit for me over the last 7 years. As a professor, I get to focus on delivering great teaching and not the burdens of running a faculty-led program of my own.  When I left UWF, I brought The Catalyst with me to UNC Asheville and really hope my new university will adopt it too.  Psych majors love this program!

Dr. Darren Bernal

Professor of Psychology

Howard University

"The Catalyst came to other departments on our campus back in 2012. But in the Art Department we didn't participate initially. But when our faculty-led programs stalled, we adopted The Catalyst.  I was department chair then. In our first summer we sent one faculty member and 12 students. Now we have four professors in rotation on The Catalyst and 20 or more students who go each summer. It's a signature program for us and has been the biggest  program on our campus for several years. I personally teach every summer on it."

Eoin Breadon, MFA

Head of Glass, Art Department

University of Wisconsin River Falls

What We Do

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New Program Development

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Strategic Program Partnerships

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Faculty Program Logistical Planning/Support

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Bespoke Program Development/Management

Our Process

Exploratory Zoom

We relish opening our fresh eyes on what universities are doing now globally and talking about future needs. Are there elements of your study-abroad portofolio that need to be reinvigorated or augmented by new possibilities? Our first zooms cost nothing and can sometimes be all you need to do in terms of getting outside help.

Campus Consultation(s)

We pride our professional success on building relationships and knowing our university partners and their needs. That's why we will want to come to your campus more than once, to meet your team and really audit fully what you do well now and what you want to do do differently in the globalization space.

Strategy Design

Our team works with you at the strategic level, offering you a comprehensive plan on how to refresh what you do now, identify successful, new partnerships, and--perhaps--build from the ground up a signature initiative to march in-step with  campus culture


Your global office can take the plan we design and run with it. Or our team can take the administrative lead and develop the plan(s) we have identified as your best strategy. In this case, we work closely with your program staff, chairs and deans to build, market, manage in-country and otherwise coordinate all facets of new and/or renovated programing.

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