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Has your international education office been frustrated by faculty-led programs that don't make enrollment or are only available intermittently? Or have you been hit by staffing reductions and other budget constraints that make driving your full agenda a real challenge?  The Catalyst may be a solution to these challenges.


Since 2012, The Catalyst has been a turn-key platform that brings immersive learning to life in four European countries each summer.  Built as a traveling classroom model, The Catalyst is beloved by students because it delivers high-impact and experiential learning over the course of five weeks in London, Paris, Berlin and Prague. Featuring a unique and interdisciplinary blend of STEM, Humanities and Arts classes, The Catalyst offers students an unmatched chance to select 6 hours of American university credit  to drive their passions and fill their degree plans. 


From Maryland, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Louisiana, North Carolina, Tennessee and Florida, our national network of university partners insures that Catalyst students meet the world as a diverse and vibrant community. While our peerless team works tirelessly to be sure that studying on our program feels like a seamless experience for students.

And because we handle all logistics, housing, travel, course materials, budgets, marketing, transportation, instruction, assessment, student-life issues and risk management, the global officers at our partner schools can focus on other campus globalization issues that need their attention.


Dr. Doug Mackaman, President of Globalizedu, personally directs The Catalyst and teaches on it each summer. He is supported by a full-time program manager, 2-3 student-life coordinators and as many as 13 faculty each summer, most of whom are tenured professors at our partner schools who used to run their own faculty-led study-abroad programs.


Historically, The Catalyst community has accepted just 80 students each summer. In conjunction with our expansion plans , we are opening our partnership to 2-3 new consortium schools this year.

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